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  Pulse Rifle
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Materials List
   Section III: Rifle
   Section IV: Construction
   Section V: Graphics
   Section VI: Screen Shots
   Section VII: Accessories
      A. Grenades
      B. Gerber Mark II Knife
      C. HK VP-70 Sidearm
      D. Storage Box

   Section VIII: Esoterica
      A. Carter J. Burke Card
   Section IX: Custom
      A. Derrick Baena
B. Stephan D.
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Blade Runner
  Deckard's Blaster
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Pictures
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   Section III: Ad Copy
  Deckard's Holster
   Section IV: Introduction
      A. Premium Holster
      B. Standard Holster
   Section V: Accessories

      A. ID Plaque
      B. Whiskey Glass
      C. Wallet
   Section VI: Metal Initiative

   LAPD Holster
   Section VII Introduction
      A. Policeman Holster

   Section VIII: Esoterica

   Section IX: Fonts
   Section X: Decals
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  Leon's Gun 
   Section I: Introduction


   Phil Steinschneider 

   Predator 2 Maquette - Predator 2
   Predator 2 Full Size Bust


The Aliens Pulse Rifle
Section VII: Accessories - B. Gerber Mark II Combat Knife

US Customers (*shipping included) International Customers †shipping included)

1 Gerber Mark II ($95)

1 Gerber Mark II ($105)


*US Postal Service Priority Mail (2 - 3 days)
†US Postal Service International First Class Mail (4 - 6 days)

"Bishop, do the thing with the knife."

—Bill Paxton as private Hudson (Aliens 1986).

There are so many memorable moments in the movie Aliens that it's hard to pick one over the other. Nevertheless, one of the early and tension-creating sequences of this classic sci-fi action film is the "knife game" scene. Who can forget Hudson's horrified look as Bishop navigates the razor-sharp blade of a Gerber Mark II combat knife look-alike around the petrified soldier's hand at lightning speed.

Production of this classic knife went from 1967 to 2000, during a limited 1500-unit run in 2002, and once again in full production starting in 2008. Hopefully Gerber will continue to make it forever, but who knows what will happen in the future?

You will receive the same style of knife seen in the photographs below, which is nearly identical to the one used in the movie Aliens (minor details have changed over the years). This knife comes with a box, nylon sheath, and its original packaging. The Gerber Mark II you will receive is brand new and unused. The retail price is $116.00 and includes a lifetime warranty.


Steel: Universal Cyclops 440A
Rockwell: Rc 57-59
Length: 6 1/2"
Width: 15/16"
Thickness: 1/4"
Shape: Double Edged Survival
Finish: Satin or Electrostatically-Coated Baked Epoxy


Material: High Tensile Strength Cast Aluminum
Finish: Electrostatically Coated Baked Epoxy
Color: Black
Shape: Contoured
Length: 5"
Width: 1"
Thickness: 7/8"