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  Pulse Rifle
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Materials List
   Section III: Rifle
   Section IV: Construction
   Section V: Graphics
   Section VI: Screen Shots
   Section VII: Accessories
      A. Grenades
      B. Gerber Mark II Knife
      C. HK VP-70 Sidearm
      D. Storage Box

   Section VIII: Esoterica
      A. Carter J. Burke Card
   Section IX: Custom
      A. Derrick Baena
B. Stephan D.
   Section X: Links

Blade Runner
  Deckard's Blaster
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Pictures
      A. Set 1
      B. Set 2
   Section III: Ad Copy
  Deckard's Holster
   Section IV: Introduction
      A. Premium Holster
      B. Standard Holster
   Section V: Accessories

      A. ID Plaque
      B. Whiskey Glass
      C. Wallet
   Section VI: Metal Initiative

   LAPD Holster
   Section VII Introduction
      A. Policeman Holster

   Section VIII: Esoterica

   Section IX: Fonts
   Section X: Decals
   Section XI: Links

  Leon's Gun 
   Section I: Introduction


   Phil Steinschneider 

   Predator 2 Maquette - Predator 2
   Predator 2 Full Size Bust


Blade Runner Holster
Deckard's Holster: Section IV: A. Premium Holster

The premium holster is available on a regular but somewhat limited basis, as each unit is handmade and relatively difficult to make. This fully-functional holster accommodates all Blade Runner gun variants (CS&T, C&S, PK-D, and others). Here are various features that differentiate if from the standard model:

1. Designed and individually hand made by a master leather artisan.
2. Constructed entirely from oak-tanned, full grain, premium leather.
3. Fully-lined throughout with premium suede.
4. Holster is saddle-stitched entirely by hand, with traditional waxed linen thread.
5. Edges are stained, sealed and burnished smooth by hand, in the traditional manner.

Created after years of extensive research and with information gleaned from comprehensive analysis of the screen-used prop, this reproduction replicates the original in every possible detail.


Height: 7.875" (20.00 cm)
Width: 3.5" (8.89 cm)
Thickness: 2" (5.08 cm)

Note: These tend to sell as fast as they come in, so email if you'd like to be put on the no obligation waiting list whenever it's listed as being out of stock.


PayPal Ordering (Email for additional purchasing options):

US Customers (*shipping included) International Customers (shipping included)

1 holster ($194)

1 holster ($199)

*US Postal Service First Class Mail (3 - 4 days)
†US Postal Service International First Class Mail (5 - 7 days)


Phil Steinschneider at for more information.