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  Pulse Rifle
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Materials List
   Section III: Rifle
   Section IV: Construction
   Section V: Graphics
   Section VI: Screen Shots
   Section VII: Accessories
      A. Grenades
      B. Gerber Mark II Knife
      C. HK VP-70 Sidearm
      D. Storage Box

   Section VIII: Esoterica
      A. Carter J. Burke Card
   Section IX: Custom
      A. Derrick Baena
B. Stephan D.
   Section X: Links

Blade Runner
  Deckard's Blaster
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Pictures
      A. Set 1
      B. Set 2
   Section III: Ad Copy
  Deckard's Holster
   Section IV: Introduction
      A. Premium Holster
      B. Standard Holster
   Section V: Accessories

      A. ID Plaque
      B. Whiskey Glass
      C. Wallet
   Section VI: Metal Initiative

   LAPD Holster
   Section VII Introduction
      A. Policeman Holster

   Section VIII: Esoterica

   Section IX: Fonts
   Section X: Decals
   Section XI: Links

  Leon's Gun 
   Section I: Introduction


   Phil Steinschneider 


The Weapons of Science Fiction

(The Propmaker: A Modern-day Artisan)


To my father's dismay—he did not even allow toy guns into the house—I not only grew up to become interested in World War II German arms, but the fictitious prop weapons of science fiction as well.

The imagination and craftsmanship of the propmaker is unparalleled. Not only must he be an artist, but he must also be an engineer, an historian, a designer, an electronics expert, a graphic artist, an inventor, a sculptor, a machinist, a metallurgist, a chemist, a plastics specialist, as well as a technology and firearms expert. Unfortunately, it is truly sad to watch as the Hollywood or fan propmaker plies his trade in virtual obscurity. 

This site's goal is to reveal, showcase, and honor the wonderful art of the propmaker. It is about time that the propmaker was noticed and appreciated. The propmaker stimulates our imagination, excites our enthusiasm, and provides the tangible evidence of our creative potential as human beings.


June 30, 2017: The Blade Runner 2049 featurette Time to Live has been released.

June 14, 2017: The latest Blade Runner 2049 trailer has been released.

February 15, 2017: I have a few Minority Report props available from my private collection. They can be found here.

January 16, 2017: Changed the scaling format on the table that hosts Hal Pehlich's art. His art will now scale up or down based on window sizing.

A teaser trailer for the new Blade Runner 2049 film has been out since the end of December. It features this site's owner's freeware font and original numbers in the "2049" part of the title.

October 8, 2016: The Blade Runner sequel has officially received a name. It will be called Blade Runner 2049. Additionally, in the first publicity photo released, not only is the Blade Runner blaster of the original movie visible, but the square Arnolfo di Cambio Cibi Double Old Fashioned glass as well. The glasses are available for sale on our sister site, Cool F/X, and here.

Photo of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on the set of Blade Runner 2049 with Denis Villeneuve and Ridley Scott.
Canada-based Austrian artist Hal Pehlich created these
extraordinary Blade Runner posters. An archive of his
previous work can be found here.

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This is the premiere forum of original movie props where many of the worlds top original prop collectors congregate to discuss, debate, show-off, and exchange information about the world of collecting props actually created and used in TV shows and films. 

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The Movie Prop Blog

Original Prop Blog, LLC is a non-profit venture that publishes articles and features focusing on content related to original props, wardrobe, and other popular culture artifacts from film and television. It is also dedicated to benefit and serve the public interests of the hobby of memorabilia collecting at large. 

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