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  Pulse Rifle
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   Section VII: Accessories
      A. Grenades
      B. Gerber Mark II Knife
      C. HK VP-70 Sidearm
      D. Storage Box

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      A. Carter J. Burke Card
   Section IX: Custom
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B. Stephan D.
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Blade Runner
  Deckard's Blaster
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Pictures
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      B. Set 2
   Section III: Ad Copy
  Deckard's Holster
   Section IV: Introduction
      A. Premium Holster
      B. Standard Holster
   Section V: Accessories

      A. ID Plaque
      B. Whiskey Glass
      C. Wallet
   Section VI: Metal Initiative

   LAPD Holster
   Section VII Introduction
      A. Policeman Holster

   Section VIII: Esoterica

   Section IX: Fonts
   Section X: Decals
   Section XI: Links

  Leon's Gun 
   Section I: Introduction


   Phil Steinschneider 



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In 2002 or so I announced that I had finally discovered what was supposedly included in the original Blade Runner Deckard ID wallet and listed everything contained within. I also explained that I had indirectly encountered the owner of one of the only three set-used wallets ever made—who had paid $30,000 for his copy—and that it would never see the light of day. Eventually it was discovered that the original owner had actually spent $40,000 on the wallet and accessories.

Subsequently, after negotiating an arrangement with a friend of the wallet's owner, I offered a reproduction to fans throughout the world. In the end, approximately 25 complete wallet sets were produced, while a few individual components were also sold separately. All of the proceeds were returned to the original owner of the wallet through the proxy, whom I believed to be completely reliable and honest.

One day, the original hero Blade Runner blaster and various other props from the production surfaced. These immediately called into question the veracity of my claims that the props from my wallet set were copied from originals. And although I still have no way to verify with 100% certainty that my source was telling me the truth, I still believe the props I recreated to be real. If they are not, I fell into an extremely well-concocted scam.

Regardless, I continue to remain in contact with the person who supplied the props from which these wallet components were reproduced, and no concrete evidence has ever led me to believe that I was misled in any way. Supposedly, these items were delivered to Ridley Scott for use in the film. It simply cannot be confirmed whether or not these particular versions of the props were the ones used on screen.

Now that quite a bit of time has passed, I have come to the conclusion that the remaining 10 complete wallet sets that I have put together should be made available to those who might be still interested in this project. Everything is produced on acid-free material and the padding for the case is hypoallergenic. These props are meant to last. Here's what's included:

1. Deckard ID
2. Deckard apartment card
3. Deckard credit card
4. Sepia-tone photos and futuristic money
5. The wallet and gold-tone picture badge
6. Vid-Phon card
7. One certificate of authenticity for each component group (6 certificates - 1 through 6 above)
8. One special full wallet set certificate of authenticity
9. Numbered display plaque
10. Shadow box display case with padding and red velvet lining material
11. Secret gift
12. Large photo of the original screen-used wallet set
13. Diagram showing where all of the components are located in the wallet

The total investment in all of the components is $1150. Payment plans are available. But if you're ready to buy now, you can click on the button below to purchase one of the limited remaining sets. Once these 10 are sold, no others will ever be made:


1 Deckard Wallet Set ($1150)

The reproductions are all exactly like the originals that were presented to me a decade ago. Although this set has become quite controversial, it has nonetheless found its place among Blade Runner prop lore and is highly collectable. Besides, every item in the wallet is amazingly detailed, interesting, and desirable.

This is the most time-consuming labor-of-love Blade Runner project I ever conceived. Additionally, it created so much discussion after some original clip-on ID props surfaced that it caused me considerable anguish and frustration. Consequently, I consider each one of these sets a very personal extension of my Blade Runner fascination. I've "bled" for them.

If you've read this far, you're obviously a big Blade Runner fan. Therefore, contact me at if you're seriously interested in participating in the last leg of this project. Or, make your purchase via the PayPal link above. Complete and total satisfaction is guaranteed. Otherwise, you can return the set for a full refund.

Phil Steinschneider