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  Pulse Rifle
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Materials List
   Section III: Rifle
   Section IV: Construction
   Section V: Graphics
   Section VI: Screen Shots
   Section VII: Accessories
      A. Grenades
      B. Gerber Mark II Knife
      C. HK VP-70 Sidearm
      D. Storage Box

   Section VIII: Esoterica
      A. Carter J. Burke Card
   Section IX: Custom
      A. Derrick Baena
B. Stephan D.
   Section X: Links

Blade Runner
  Deckard's Blaster
   Section I: Introduction
   Section II: Pictures
      A. Set 1
      B. Set 2
   Section III: Ad Copy
  Deckard's Holster
   Section IV: Introduction
      A. Premium Holster
      B. Standard Holster
   Section V: Accessories

      A. ID Plaque
      B. Whiskey Glass
      C. Wallet
   Section VI: Metal Initiative

   LAPD Holster
   Section VII Introduction
      A. Policeman Holster

   Section VIII: Esoterica

   Section IX: Fonts
   Section X: Decals
   Section XI: Links

  Leon's Gun 
   Section I: Introduction


   Phil Steinschneider 

   Predator 2 Maquette - Predator 2
   Predator 2 Full Size Bust


The Aliens Pulse Rifle
Section II: Materials List

Parts kit now available -

SD Studios pulse rifle parts kit
Price: $1300.00 (includes shipping)


Phil Steinschneider (email for availability)

The following is included in the kit:

1. 6 resin parts (pistol grip, mag. tabs, butt plate, etc. with some spares).

2. About 20 miscellaneous machined aluminum, Delrin, and steel parts.

3. All necessary screws w/ connectors.

4. 1 machined and bead-blasted aluminum Thompson replica receiver.

The bolt cavity is NOT milled out. You will need to have your local shop do that for about $80 if you want a working bolt action.

5. 1 pair of vacuum-formed styrene/ABS shrouds (rough trimmed, final trimming to be done by you).

6. 1 pre-programmed digital counter (completed, final wiring to be done by you).

7. 1 magazine/battery pack-cut, trimmed, painted and wired with switch. 

8. Miscellaneous phone/e-mail consultations on assembly procedures.

9. Shipping fees for several packages.

Additional Information:

It is STRONGLY recommend that you purchase a Thompson grip frame assembly from Sarco as soon as possible. They will not be around forever, and the price keeps going up. They are currently $295. Sarco: 908-647-3800. Ask for Bob in Parts. Or click here for more information

You will also need to get Remington 870 Shotgun. Click here for more information.

The following parts will also have to be purchased separately:

SPAS-12 Handguard
SPAS-12 Slide-action sleeve

Click here for supplier and price information.


Delivery time is about 3 to 4 weeks on our parts set. 

Sources for any remaining parts are supplied.

Money orders, Visa, MC, and Discover (via Paypal or C2it) accepted. Payment plans are also available.


Firearms and Miscellaneous Parts -

Thompson submachine gun parts kit
Price: $395.00


Sarco, Inc.
323 Union Street
P.O. Box 98
Stirling, New Jersey 07980
Phone (908) 647-9413
Email: N/A
Notes: N/A


Franchi SPAS-12 slide action sleeve and handguard
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Only sold as a set
Price: $175.00


Phil Steinschneider
Website(s): N/A
Notes: No longer available from this source.


Remington 870 shotgun
Price: $200.00 - $300.00


Notes: The best price is around $230.00 at Sports Authority or Wal*Mart for a new rifle.

Preferably choose the less expensive synthetic stock version with a ventilated rib on the barrel.

Also available used as cheaply as $150.00 at gun shows.


80% milled Thompson receiver
Price: $245.00


Philadelphia Ordinance
Email: N/A
Notes: The bolt cavity must be hollowed out by a machine shop and a metal block welded to the front for three reasons:

1. Without the metal block in front of the receiver it would become an illegal fully automatic sub-machine gun and be in violation of the NFA (National Firearms Act) rules.

2. The metal block acts as a required support for the dummy grenade launcher attached below it.

3. The hollowed out receiver cavity is necessary for the bolt action to function.

 Pulse Rifle Counter
Price: $75.00


Phil Steinschneider
Website(s): Click here
Notes: N/A